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Secret to Cheap Disney Trips

How do I plan an Inexpensive Trip to Walt Disney World? You ask.

Everyone knows that going to "The Most Wonderful Place in the World", is not always so wonderful when you come back home and see that you spent over $5,000 for one week at Walt Disney World for family of four.

There are so many secrets to Cheap Disney Trips, which are so unbelievable and easy to learn.

In the following page, I will show you how this one woman save me thousands of dollars on my own family vacations to Disney World. And I do it year after year.

Beth Haworth of DW Insider Beth Haworth
Former Disney Cast Member
Best Selling Travel Writer

Are There Really Deals Out There?

Beth Haworth, Former Disney Cast Member Best Selling Travel Writer  I always felt there are deals out there, but how and where to look for them is the tough part.

Because, let's face it, most businesses want your money, so they do offer discounts, deals, coupons, you name it. But most will not directly hand them over to you or they would lose money. For those who really tried to look for the best possible deals, if it is going through a discount broker, shop off the beaten path or just finding coupons such as buy 1 get one free, it really adds up. But, it is a lot of work and not an easy task.

Well, I'm going to introduce you to a woman, who accomplishes these daunting tasks, but she went another step further - she wrote the book, Ultimate Disney World Savings Guide -
Cheap Disney Trips. Her name is Beth Haworth, she was a former employee, also spend many hours of her free time behind the scenes in Walt Disney.

She was featured on WYFF Channel 4 News in Greenville, SC. 
She explain how you can get Cheap Disney Trips  – "Saving Guide in  Disney World".
          The video is 5 mins.

A Little Bit about This Disney World Insider Guide and Get Cheap Disney Trips
Best Time to Visit the Park - To Save You Time and Money

cheap disney trips scheduleBest time to visit Disney World is the off-season. Which for Walt Disney World their off season starts middle of August to May 30. Exceptions to this rule are the holidays and spring breaks. Most expensive months are around Thanksgiving and Christmas time and the summer months - June, July and August.

You can save a lot of money by going off-seasons; park hours are shorter but the fewer crowds will offset this. If you have school age children and their schools don't start till after Labor Day, try to fit your 5-7 days trip to Disney within that time. Also, some schools get out early Spring, such as in May, if you are lucky enough to have your kids out of school by them, then this is also a very good time to go...less crowds, less wait in line and the weather is perfect.

PLEASE NOTE: This is when the park uses this time to renovate rides and attractions and some stores are closed.

If you have flexibility in your vacation schedule such as what time of the week you can go, then the best day to arrive is on Thursday. Friday and Saturday are transition days for people. Saturday is actually the major day visitors either leave or arrive at the park.

Do you know what Extra Magic Hours are? The guests who stay at the Disney World Resorts gets go to the park one hour before it opens and can stay up to three hours after closing time. They got the
Cheap Disney Trips information.

Here are few things Beth wants you to know:

1. Don't ever buy your tickets at the gate. Buy on-line, much cheaper. Beth will tell you how.
2. Don't take a taxi to your hotel, take a shuttle, could save you up to $50.
3. Don't buy souvenirs at the park. Souvenirs are always available in shops around town..Or buy at Amazon (see above) before leaving on your trip.

Customer’s Testimonials
(Excerpt from DWinsider )

"Everything was very well organized and professional. "
—Janice Harter
"I am already dreaming of returning and check out your book for updates often."
—Kim , Wisconsin
"Thanks for all the great advice. Your book is a keeper!."
—Dan Kubanet
"I can't believe how much money we have already saved..."
—B. Kellerhuis, Louisiana
"I made this trip as an anniversary gift to my wife for our first anniversary and because of you we got the 5 star treatment while paying the 2 star price!"
Your book is the best buy of the Century!!!!!!"
—Patti Miller
"I Guess When You Say Your Guide Is Always Updated You Weren't Kidding!" So Glad I got the
Cheap Disney Trips.
—Kimberly Macmurphy

Here is another list of comments made by very happy customers:

Customer Testominials on DW Insider


Money Back guarantee DW Insider

Try “The Ultimate Disney World Savings Guide” Risk Free:  DW Inside Guide today, and read all the Disney tips and tricks Beth have to offer. If you don't agree her Guide will save you hundreds of dollars and make your Disney vacation truly magical, just email Beth and she will give you a refund.

Example of My Recent Trip

A Four-Star Disney Resort cost $1,850 for 5 days - My cost: $890

That's a savings of $960. The Guide showed me how do to this within one hour. Another thing, this was an on-season trip, right at the peak time of Disney World busy season. I followed the 9 easy steps in Beth's Disney Savings Guide, and you can do it too. (SEE LINK ABOVE - Disney Saving Guide.

Exclusive Ticket Savings - Free Upgrade Tickets

Beth will give you the actual discount code you will need to get the lowest possible price of your 5, 7 or 10-day park (hopper) tickets. You will get an exclusive code with detail instructions in the Disney Guide and Cheap Disney Trips.

You will learn all the different types of Disney World tickets (yes there all types and which one are you best buy.

Best Bargains - On and Off the Internet - This section will help you locate all the great places and website of get your park tickets ahead of time.

Exclusive discounts on Disney World Tickets! Only available to owners of the Guide.

Ticket Upgrade - Its there such a thing, to upgrade your park tickets. Beth will tell you what it is and when you should do it.

E-bay Deals - Ever try to buy "discount" Disney tickets on Ebay? If you have, it may not be such a bargain. Beth will show you exactly what to look for before you bid.

The eBook

You will be able to download your guide download right away. The guide is in a PDF format (all instructions are add).

This DW Insider Guide will pay for itself many times over. Share it with your family and friends.

Don't delay! Buy “The Ultimate Disney World Savings Guide” now, and start your Disney Vacation planning today!

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